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Complimentary Haircolor Classes at IBS New York

Feb 01 2005 | By Darice Gall
As part of the free educational offerings at the upcoming International Beauty Show in New York April 17-19, the Haircolor Studio at IBS will feature some of the most renowned colorists in...
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The Event Experience

Feb 01 2005 | By Kerry Cannon
As good a job as I feel we do keeping you informed, educated and inspired through the pages of American Salon, we are restricted in many ways. This is a hands-on, up-close, personal kind of...
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News They Can Use

Feb 01 2005 | By Mary Novitsky
It's no secret: An effective public relations campaign is one of the most effective long-term ways to boost your bottom line. It generates a greater understanding of your products and...
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Success Stories: Divide and Conquor

Feb 01 2005 | By Elizabeth Rome
After 10 years of working as a hairdresser at a small salon in Wellesley, MA, Barbara Canty knew she had a great opportunity on her hands when the owner of a nearby salon, The Color Studio,...
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Targeting Men

Feb 01 2005 | By Elizabeth Rome
Why is it that guys will spend thousands of dollars on top-of-the-line stereo equipment, sportscars and high-tech gadgets, but wash their hair with a bar of soap? Howard Silver, president of...
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Something For Everyone

Feb 01 2005 | By Robbin McClain
I received an interesting letter recently from a student at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. Erica Hampton wrote to make a point I've heard many times before. Robbin McClain Erica...
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Retail Rules

Feb 01 2005 | By Michelle Horn
Edward Tricomi and Joel Warren of Warren- Tricomi confess that they love to shop. It's not surprising: After all, retail makes up 15 percent of their New York and Connecticut salon business...
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