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Beverly C shares the inside scoop on how to create one of London'shippest, most versatile looks.

May 01 2006 | By Beverly C
When it comes right down to it, the clients I see in London are a lot like yours: They definitely covet a trendy style as long as they can still keep their hair long. Fortunately, this...
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May 01 2006 | By American Salon Staff
1. FAROUK SYSTEMS USA Miss CHI, a new fragrance designed especially to capture a woman's true inner spirit and sensuality, exudes an alluring aroma of fruits and...
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Ruth talks about how learning to handle stress that goes along withbridal hair is a cakewalk - if you say I do to a few importantvows.

May 01 2006 | By Ruth Roche
The wedding season is now upon us, and most of us are either knee-deep in our work with brides or hiding in the back room, praying that we don't have to do it. I think it's a privilege to be...
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NCA Reorganizes and Expands Services

May 01 2006 | By American Salon Staff
The delegates to the 86th annual convention of the National Cosmetology Association (NCA) voted unanimously on March 3, 2006, to improve the way NCA provides member services, as well as...
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A Beautiful Mind

May 01 2006 | By Carrie Watson
Hairstylist and salon owner Lois Christie is giving new meaning to the term "full-service," particularly as it refers to salons. At her...
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Less is More

May 01 2006 | By Bonnie Gibbs
When Denver salon owners Charlie Price, Cameron Letterman and Kelly Anolin merged their salon with some business associates, the arrangement seemed like a good idea. As artistic directors of...
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Man of Honor

May 01 2006 | By Brett Vinovich
I was thrilled to be asked to serve on the dinner committee for this year's City of Hope Cancer Center's Spirit of Life Award because it was honoring my friend and colleague Rick Kornbluth...
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Start Your Engines

May 01 2006 | By Michael DeVellis
You've seen it at all the big beauty shows. You've experienced the low hum of the equipment and you've heard the industry buzzing with interest. Still, you wonder, should I incorporate...
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Brad Johns, Clairol Global color director and artistic director ofAvon Salon & Spa, tells how to keep this summer's hottestshades looking fresh through sun, sand and salt.

May 01 2006 | By Brad Johns
Summer is almost here, so it's time to start updating your clients' haircolor once again. When it comes to blondes, the shades you should go for this season are: honey blonde, like Madonna;...
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Salon Life '06

Apr 01 2006 | By American Salon Staff
Considering how complicated life can be sometimes, are you making the best of what you have? Perhaps you need a little guidance from acknowledged experts on money management, health and...
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