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PureOlogy Helps Honor Entertainment's Leading Ladies

Feb 01 2007 | By American Salon Staff
PureOlogy donated 700 bottles of HydraCure, valued at $31,500, for The Hollywood Reporter's 15th Annual Women in Entertainment Power 100 Breakfast, held at the Beverly Hill Hotel and...
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Take Two

Feb 01 2007 | By Lotus Abrams
Robert Gioria, hairstylist to such celebs as Mariah Carey, Kevin Spacey and Julianne Moore, is back in business with the new Robert G Salon, a sleek, airy space that opened last...
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Trend Watch

Feb 01 2007 | By Carrie Watson
Goatees are the hottest thing going in facial hair these days. In fact, Leonardo DiCaprio, Taye Diggs, Jamie Foxx, Keenan Ivory Wayans—even Diddy—were all sporting them in...
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Jan 01 2007 | By Carrie Watson
HOME SWEET HOME The Home & Body Collection is now available from i-bella for retail solely in salons and spas. In addition to a body wash, body lotion and hand lotion, the...
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Joico Brings Hollywood to the Big Apple

Jan 01 2007 | By American Salon Staff
Joico brought three of the biggest hairdressers in Hollywood to New York City to share their behind-the-scenes secrets with top beauty editors, including American Salon's senior editor,...
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High Brow

Jan 01 2007 | By Kelley Donahue
Billion Dollars Brows (BDB) recently opened its doors for business in Beverly Hills. Special touches like metallic wallpaper, mirror panels and a glass storefront dress up the modern,...
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Kim Vo On The Go

Jan 01 2007 | By Kim Vo
These days, reality competition shows are all over the airwaves. From singers to dancers, chefs to models, rock stars to treasure hunters, it seems that nearly everyone is vying to be the...
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Change is Good

Jan 01 2007 | By Marianne Dougherty
The last time American Salon had a face-lift, Bill Clinton was in office. Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? Actually, it's been 10 years, which is probably too long, especially in our makeover...
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Creative License

Jan 01 2007 | By Carrie Watson
After four years of working with some of the best designers in the world during fashion week in New York, Milan and Paris, Redken has established itself as a trendsetting company with...
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Skin Deep

Jan 01 2007 | By Samantha Beerman
Skin Deep By142 is a new line of six skin care products formulated to protect, heal and address specific skin problems. The collection utilizes a combination of recently...
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