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The Business of Birthdays

Aug 01 2008 | By Nicole Palmieri
Turn your neighbors' birthdays into profitable days for your salon business with Birthday Connections, a company that builds accurate mailing lists based on specific customer demographics...
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Beauty Lab

Aug 01 2008 | By American Salon Staff
1. MAKING SCENTS The eco-friendly Flora fragrance diffuser from the new Hillhouse Naturals Living Green Collection releases a straight-from-the-garden aroma of lemon, lavender and...
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It's a Hard-Knock Life

Aug 01 2008 | By Brett Vinovich
To paraphrase Charles Dickens, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." He was talking about the French Revolution, of course, but he could have been talking about today's...
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Tech Support

Aug 01 2008 | By Lotus Abrams
From scheduling to tracking productivity, salon software makes employee management easy. When it comes to staff management, salon software is essential for keeping track of employees'...
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Big Fish, Small Pond

Jul 01 2008 | By Nicole Palmieri
Originally named Turkeytown due to the presence of wild turkeys in the area, New Providence, NJ, was renamed in 1759 when the balcony of a Presbyterian church collapsed without causing a...
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New and Notable

Jul 01 2008 | By Marianne Dougherty, Rachel Aguiar, Lotus Abrams
YIN AND YANG Onita Maison-Luisi of Marlboro, NJ, one of the winners of the 2007 John Paul Mitchell Systems Photo Shoot Competition, had the opportunity to work with...
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Color Connoisseur

Jul 01 2008 | By Lotus Abrams
ROBERT JAMES COLOR Haircuts aren't on the menu at Robert James Color, a new hair studio in San Francisco's Nob Hill neighborhood devoted to haircolor, hair and scalp...
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White House

Jul 01 2008 | By Kelley Donahue
Hollywood, CA, has long enjoyed a reputation for being an epicenter of innovative design and creative vision. With the debut of Spa Luce, a 6,400-square-foot luxury boutique beauty...
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Signature Service

Jul 01 2008 | By Lori Morris
Customers from all over the West Coast are heading to TEN PACHI SALON in Seattle to get a Digital Perm, a cousin of Japanese thermal reconditioning. During the treatment, hair is wrapped...
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Down to Earth

Jul 01 2008 | By Nicole Palmieri
It's widely known that botanicals— substances of or relating to plants or plant life—are important in maintaining the body's health. Now, botanicals are turning up more often...
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