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Entertain Your Brain

Mar 24 2010 | By Brett Vinovich
The professional beauty industry has an insatiable appetite for statistics and trend-tracking—of this I am certain. How do I know? Because every January, right after New Year's Day rolls around...
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Beauty Lab

Mar 24 2010 | By American Salon Staff
Lotus Abrams shares a selection of bath and beauty essentials sure to shine on your retail shelves. Nicole Palmieri highlights eight brand-new products you just have to check out. Get in Shape! With...
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Signature Service

Mar 22 2010 | By Lori Morris
STRAIGHT TALK Global Keratin is looking to break new ground in the chemical straightening arena with the Functional Keratin Hair Taming System, the first hair treatment on the market to utilize raw...
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Web Master

Mar 22 2010 | By American Salon Staff
With the Internet playing an increasingly big role in Americans' lives, it's more important than ever for salons to have a strong Web presence. That's why Hair Venture owner Guy Kennett recently...
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Big Business

Mar 22 2010 | By Kelley Donahue
In an era where the economy teeters between recession and recovery and clients are stretching out the time between salon visits, business education offerings may be just the spark plug that salons...
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Big Fish, Small Pond

Mar 22 2010 | By Nicole Palmieri
Sudbury, MA, once home to several well-known people in history, including Babe Ruth and Henry Ford, has the sixth highest per capita income in the state. These high-end residents depend on Invidia...
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Lessons Learned

Mar 22 2010 | By Kelley Donahue
Listen up: If you're looking to boost your mental skills as well as your income, then you'd be wise to get your hands on a copy of Kelly Cardenas Live, a three-CD set created by Kelly Cardenas, owner...
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New and Notable

Mar 18 2010 | By Kelley Donahue, Lori Morris, Lotus Abrams, Nicole Palmieri
BEAUTY EXPOSED For his latest collection, Xposure, KMS California Artistic Director Edwin Johnston married strong British cutting techniques with softer, unforced finishing reminiscent of French...
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Old World Glamour

Mar 18 2010 | By Nicole Palmieri
Giannillo—The Salon When developing the concept for Giannillo—The Salon, hairstylist Gregg Giannillo and his partner Anson Gilbert-Giannillo wanted to create a boutique salon in Manhattan...
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Looking Good

Mar 18 2010 | By Brett Vinovich
Andy Warhol, who I worked with back in my early days at Interview, once noted: "They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." And that's exactly what...
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