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Young Americans: Sara Bryan

Oct 11 2014 | By Kelley Donahue
  Though she was raised in a military family, Sara Bryan was never one to embrace structure and a strong work ethic. “I was a bit of a rebel back then, but these days, systems,...
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Beauty Lab

Oct 10 2014 | By Desiree Cole
Eight products you just have to check out REDKEN New Redken Wind Blown 05 dry finishing spray creates windswept styles via a powder mist that feels weightless and gives mild control. The...
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The Bright Side

Oct 10 2014 | By Kelley Donahue
Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair defends against color fade and damage. In addition to preventing thermal damage by 86 percent and breakage by 88 percent, Ultimate Color Repair—a new, sulfate-...
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Making History

Oct 10 2014 | By Nicole Altavilla
The hairstyles in this collection, which were inspired by the long-lived Byzantine Empire, leave a lasting impression. The Byzantine collection by Misha Belfer, international creative director for...
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Glam Slam

Oct 10 2014 | By Kelley Donahue
Giannandrea takes texture to a new plateau in this exclusive collection. It’s been quite a year for Macadamia Natural Oil, whose moniker recently changed to Macadamia Professional to better...
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Leading Ladies

Oct 09 2014 | By Kristen Heinzinger
A stylist looks to bold female icons of the past and present for a red-hot collection. Created in celebration of powerful women like Joan of Arc and Hollywood’s bold redheads who are pushing...
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Desert High

Oct 09 2014 | By Desiree Cole
Captivated by sky-reaching desert cacti, Brian and Sandra Smith present a body of work filled with dramatic shapes. For their Stark Silhouettes collection—seen exclusively on these pages—The...
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Midas Touch

Oct 09 2014 | By Kelley Donahue
New looks from Candace Bossendorfer reflect an evolution of style without limits. In her latest collection, seen exclusively on these pages, Candace Bossendorfer artfully blends a winter-ice...
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Rough Idea

Oct 08 2014 | By Kristen Heinzinger
Hairstyles with mixed textures and attitude made an impression at these fall/winter 2014 fashion week shows. —Kristen Heinzinger PHOTOGRAPHY: COURTESY OF SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL (RAG & BONE,...
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Lighten Up

Oct 08 2014 | By Nicole Altavilla
The future looks bright for clients with hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation, the darkening of the skin caused by increased melanin, is a growing concern among clients today. Overexposure to...
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