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Old World Charm

Dec 01 2006 | By Marianne Dougherty
Just off Madison Avenue on 66th Street in Manhattan, you'll find an elegant white townhouse, home of Rosario Acquista's new namesake salon. While the exterior says Notting Hill, the interior...
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Big Fish, Small Pond

Dec 01 2006 | By Lotus Abrams
The planned community of Foster City, CA, lies 25 miles south of San Francisco on the Peninsula. Officially incorporated in 1971, the city was the brainchild of developer T. Jack Foster, who...
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Hot Products

Dec 01 2006 | By American Salon Staff
• EVERYDAY CARE Joico's Daily Care collection is a comprehensive line of products that promotes hair's inner strength, retains its vital moisture and...
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Friends and Neighbors

Dec 01 2005 | By Carrie Watson
Walk into Commune Salon & Gift in the artsy, laid-back Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, and it's hard to imagine it was once nothing but a ramshackle room filled with garbage. But...
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Eye Opener

Dec 01 2005 | By Carrie Watson
Now that the days are shorter and the early winter sun is casting its shadows, Jane Iredale's Eye Highlighter is the perfect tool for adding a little sparkle back into your routine. The...
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Live out loud

Dec 01 2005 | By Brett Vinovich
I just got back from Aveda Congress, held in Minneapolis. It was a beautiful time of year, with the trees blazing in fall colors and the air just crisp enough to let you know the season was...
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Some Like it Hot

Dec 01 2005 | By Mary Novitsky
When it comes to smoothing, straightening and shaping hair, nothing holds a candle to thermal styling irons. For as long as they've been on the styling scene, they continue to hold the top...
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Brad Johns, Clairol global color director and artistic director of Avon Salon & Spa, offers his insights into finding your personal path to success

Dec 01 2005 | By Brad Johns
This time of year is traditionally a period of reflection, gratitude and renewed spirit for the future. I've always believed our goal in life should be peace and happiness, especially in our...
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Showtime in Florida

Dec 01 2005 | By American Salon Staff
Florida in August is hot to begin with, but just ask the 43,000-plus beauty professionals who flocked to Orlando on August 28-29, and they'll tell you it was even hotter at the Premiere...
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This holiday season, Billy suggests an easy way to remember those who haven't been as fortunate this year as some of us.

Dec 01 2005 | By Billy B.
Because I'm from Mississippi and have many good friends who still live there and on the Gulf coast, Hurricane Katrina certainly hit close to home for me. Fortunately, my family lives in...
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