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Imagine That

Feb 01 2007 | By Marianne Dougherty
Have you ever considered how important you are? As a beauty professional, you have the power to transform lives by making people feel better about themselves, a bit more confident perhaps....
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Going Green

Feb 01 2007 | By Brett Vinovich
The Green Book 2007 is here! For those of you not familiar with the Green Book, now in its 52nd year, it's the original comprehensive resource for your salon and spa needs. I like to think...
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Eastern Delight

Feb 01 2007 | By Carrie Watson
Sothys new Orient Essences Ceremony will transport winter-weary clients to the far reaches of Asia, but they don't even need to leave the comfy confines of their spa treatment room. The...
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Something For Everyone

Feb 01 2006 | By Robbin McClain
True artists take inspiration from many sources and incorporate them into their work. This spring, April 30 to May 2, you'll have the opportunity to see a diversity of talent on the IBS New...
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Priced to Sell

Feb 01 2006 | By Robbin McClain
How much time and attention do you give to pricing? Do you simply dust off the old price list once in a blue moon and think about whether to increase it or not? According to Andrew...
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Into Africa

Feb 01 2006 | By Brett Vinovich
I recently had dinner with my friends Robert Reed, founder/president of Ergo Research, and Ergo vice president Marlene Wagner. We were talking about President Clinton and the wonderful work...
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Beauty Harvest

Feb 01 2006 | By Carrie Watson
It's a classic Catch-22: Chemical processing and thermal styling beget beautiful hair, but over time, these processes can wreak havoc,...
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Brad Johns, Clairol global color director and artistic director of Avon Salon & Spa, offers his advice for finding passion in your profession.

Feb 01 2006 | By Brad Johns
Throughout my career, I've had the good fortune to have worked with and learned from many true icons of the beauty business: Oribe, Serge Normant, Andre Marthielieu Chris Cusano and Bruno...
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Feb 01 2006 | By American Salon Staff
1 DENNIS BERNARD Color Filler Insurance is a powerful tool that ensures color results as it equalizes hair porosity for even color absorption and development of...
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After paying a visit to his hometown of Aberdeen, Mississippi, Billy shares a treasured bit of classic Americana.

Feb 01 2006 | By Billy B.
The sign is as nondescript as the red-brick building it has been gracing on South Maple Street, in Aberdeen, MS, since 1956: VAUGHN'S BEAUTY COLLEGE. But behind this modest facade is such an...
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