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PureOlogy Helps Honor Entertainment's Leading Ladies

Feb 01 2007 | By American Salon Staff
PureOlogy donated 700 bottles of HydraCure, valued at $31,500, for The Hollywood Reporter's 15th Annual Women in Entertainment Power 100 Breakfast, held at the Beverly Hill Hotel and...
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Take Two

Feb 01 2007 | By Lotus Abrams
Robert Gioria, hairstylist to such celebs as Mariah Carey, Kevin Spacey and Julianne Moore, is back in business with the new Robert G Salon, a sleek, airy space that opened last...
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Trend Watch

Feb 01 2007 | By Carrie Watson
Goatees are the hottest thing going in facial hair these days. In fact, Leonardo DiCaprio, Taye Diggs, Jamie Foxx, Keenan Ivory Wayans—even Diddy—were all sporting them in...
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Feb 01 2006 | By American Salon Staff
1 DENNIS BERNARD Color Filler Insurance is a powerful tool that ensures color results as it equalizes hair porosity for even color absorption and development of...
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After paying a visit to his hometown of Aberdeen, Mississippi, Billy shares a treasured bit of classic Americana.

Feb 01 2006 | By Billy B.
The sign is as nondescript as the red-brick building it has been gracing on South Maple Street, in Aberdeen, MS, since 1956: VAUGHN'S BEAUTY COLLEGE. But behind this modest facade is such an...
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Lessons For Success

Feb 01 2006 | By American Salon Staff
To offer its members unprecedented education with three top artists, educators and fashion experts, the National Cosmetology Association is presenting its popular Lessons for Success program...
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Suburban Chic

Feb 01 2006 | By Carrie Watson
When Ronald Lawler opened One Salon & Spa two years ago in the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook, IL, his goal was to create a high-end...
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Money Talks

Feb 01 2006 | By Mary Novitsky
For a long time, I used to get my hair cut at a pleasant, low-key salon in midtown Manhattan. It wasn't particularly convenient to where I lived or worked, but I had followed my stylist...
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Training Day

Feb 01 2006 | By Kelley Donahue
Ask just about any stylist what their clients' biggest pet peeve is, and chances are likely it's their frustration at not being able to replicate that "fresh-out-of-the-salon" look at home....
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Beverly C shares her advice for achieving stellar results when conducting photo shoots for your salon

Feb 01 2006 | By Beverly C
Photography has played a powerful role in advancing my career. I've long considered pictures to be one of the single-most important elements when it comes to fine-tuning the image and...
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