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Making History

Oct 10 2014 | By Nicole Altavilla
The hairstyles in this collection, which were inspired by the long-lived Byzantine Empire, leave a lasting impression. The Byzantine collection by Misha Belfer, international creative director for...
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Glam Slam

Oct 10 2014 | By Kelley Donahue
Giannandrea takes texture to a new plateau in this exclusive collection. It’s been quite a year for Macadamia Natural Oil, whose moniker recently changed to Macadamia Professional to better...
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Leading Ladies

Oct 09 2014 | By Kristen Heinzinger
A stylist looks to bold female icons of the past and present for a red-hot collection. Created in celebration of powerful women like Joan of Arc and Hollywood’s bold redheads who are pushing...
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Desert High

Oct 09 2014 | By Desiree Cole
Captivated by sky-reaching desert cacti, Brian and Sandra Smith present a body of work filled with dramatic shapes. For their Stark Silhouettes collection—seen exclusively on these pages—The...
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Midas Touch

Oct 09 2014 | By Kelley Donahue
New looks from Candace Bossendorfer reflect an evolution of style without limits. In her latest collection, seen exclusively on these pages, Candace Bossendorfer artfully blends a winter-ice...
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Time to Shine

Sep 08 2014 | By Nicole Altavilla
Allen Wood for Bumble and bumble gets straight to the point with a long, sleek style. To celebrate the launch of three new blow-dry products—Repair Blow Dry, Straight Blow Dry and All-Style...
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For Art's Sake

Sep 05 2014 | By Kelley Donahue
This American Salon exclusive excerpt from HAIR by Guido Palau (Rizzoli, 2014) is sure to inspire beauty aficionados with an eye for the influential and avant-garde in fashion. Guido Palau (GP)—...
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Power Trip

Sep 05 2014 | By Desiree Cole
Fresh, raw, youthful looks are the centerpiece of Stage, a new body of work from Australian salon Cast’s Artistic Team members Lucy Cardoza and Freda Rossidis. The collection was inspired by Yves...
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Femme Fatales

Sep 03 2014 | By Kelley Donahue
Elegance with an edge makes a dramatic return this autumn in a new body of work from Paul Mitchell Editorial Director Lucie Doughty. Lucie Doughty puts a contemporary twist on the classic film...
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All About Yves

Sep 03 2014 | By Desiree Cole
In her latest collection, Australia’s Jo Smith pairs masculine styles with feminine finishes. There’s something to be said about masculine versus feminine disunion, and Toni & Guy salon owner...
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