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Down to Earth

Jul 01 2008 | By Nicole Palmieri
It's widely known that botanicals— substances of or relating to plants or plant life—are important in maintaining the body's health. Now, botanicals are turning up more often...
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I Smell a Rat

Jul 01 2008 | By Brett Vinovich
The more things change, the more things stay the same, and that's especially true when it comes to diversion and the ongoing struggle to eradicate it for good. Despite the best intentions of...
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At Your Service

Jul 01 2008 | By Rachel Aguiar
"It's all about the customer." You've probably heard this phrase many times. In fact, you may have centered your entire business philosophy on these words—but can the same be said...
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Mad About Hue

Jul 01 2008 | By Kim Vo
Wigs sure have come a long way since grandma donned one to camouflage her thinning hair or to cover up her gray. These days, such celebrities as Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and the...
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The Glamorous Life

Jul 01 2008 | By Lotus Abrams
EVA SCRIVO SALON SALON Injecting a shot of glamour into Manhattan's NoHo neighborhood, the new flagship home of the Eva Scrivo Salon opened in April, boasting a 3,...
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Our Town

Jul 01 2008 | By Marianne Dougherty
1. Hair by Bennie and Friends When Hair by Bennie and Friends owner Bennie Pollard opened his salon 16 years ago, he chose an area of the city close to the downtown business...
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In Her Image

Jul 01 2007 | By Marianne Dougherty
A few months ago when I was at Virgin Records in New York City, I noticed a display of 10-inch Gwen Stefani dolls wearing different costumes. Each of the dolls had a name—Tick-Tock...
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Jul 01 2007 | By American Salon Staff
BLONDE BOMBSHELL WELLA's Sonya and Christopher Dove created this versatile haircut featuring a soft, sexy fringe and textured layers that frame the face. To style, they applied...
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Jul 01 2007 | By American Salon Staff
BEAUTY LAB A half-dozen of the best new beauty products on the market this month. TAKE BACK THE NIGHT Night Brights, a new collection from...
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Those Nifty '50s

Jul 01 2007 | By Brett Vinovich
This month's The Way We Were, sponsored by Joico, looks back at the 1950s. What struck me as we were looking through archival issues of American Hairdresser from that era was that we...
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