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Business Intelligence

Nov 09 2014 | By Kelley Donahue
I’ve always been a huge fan of anything that helps raise the bar in our industry—which is why I especially enjoyed Winn Claybaugh’s Masters October audio program ( featuring...
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Shave the Date

Nov 09 2014 | By Brett Vinovich
While Thanksgiving and the start of the holidays generally come to mind in November, this month also signals the arrival of another notable event: mustache season. Dubbed Movember by the Movember...
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It’s a Small World

Sep 03 2014 | By Kelley Donahue
I’ve always believed that the most intelligent solutions for overcoming obstacles to success result from an exchange of ideas. Such was the case at a Wella salon forum that I recently attended in...
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High-Stakes Education

Sep 03 2014 | By Brett Vinovich
  As if top talent and three amazing days of blockbuster education aren’t reason enough to pack your bags and head to Las Vegas for the Redken Symposium, here’s one more. I’m thrilled to...
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Creative Forces - Sebastian Professional announces the annual What’s Next Awards winners

Jul 03 2014 | By Lisa Bruckenstein
This past April, Sebastian Professional selected winners of its annual What’s Next Awards, a competition that challenges artists across the nation to create alluring hair fashions that push the...
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The Me Generation

Jan 30 2014 | By Kelley Donahue
I got the chance to hang out with salon owners at quite a few holiday celebrations, and two topics that repeatedly came up in conversations were staffing and Millennials—an 80-million-strong group...
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Seeing Red

Jan 30 2014 | By Brett Vinovich
So much for New Year good tidings and cheer. All that post-holiday bliss appears to have dissipated—something that occurred to me as I watched TV reports of bargain hunters elbowing one another to...
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The Wire - December 2013

Dec 01 2013 | By Corie Hengst
ColorProof Evolved Color Care Offers Enhanced Benefits Program ColorProof Evolved Color Care recently launched an improved loyalty program featuring more rewards and a new name: The Beauty with...
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Publisher's Note: The Tippi Point

Oct 29 2013 | By Brett Vinovich
Everyone knows Tippi Hedren was a leading lady in Hollywood, starring in two classic Alfred Hitchcock films, The Birds and Marnie. But leave it to CND co-founder Jan Arnold to discover that Hedren...
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Events in the Industry, Benefits and Awards

Dec 01 2009 | By Lori Morris, Marianne Dougherty, Nicole Palmieri
 United They Stand   Unite Eurotherapy held its first annual distributor conference at The Grand Del Mar, a five-star resort near San Diego, in October. The premium haircare company...
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