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Natural Expression

Aug 28 2013 | By Kristen Heinzinger
The latest Gary Manuel venture, Studio SLU in Seattle, merges natural beauty with high-tech edge, making it the perfect styling spot for the area’s young IT professionals. Centered in Seattle’s...
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Aug 18 2013 | By
August 2013 Issue of American Salon.
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Click Clique

Aug 18 2013 | By Brett Vinovich
How can you fuel connections that matter? I get that question a lot from salon pros, who seem to be looking constantly for ways to harness social media and figure out where their brands and clients...
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February 2013


Jul 22 2013 | By
February 2013 Issue of American Salon
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January 2013 Issue of American Salon


Jul 22 2013 | By
January 2013 of American Salon Magazine
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May 2013 Issue of American Salon Magazine


Jul 16 2013 | By
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July 2013 Issue of American Salon Magazine


Jul 04 2013 | By
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Angus 90210

Dec 01 2009 | By Brett Vinovich
Angus Mitchell, son of the late Paul Mitchell and co-owner/artistic director of John Paul Mitchell Systems, opened his first signature salon in Beverly Hills, CA, in October, and American Salon was...
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Let the Spirit Move You

Dec 01 2009 | By Marianne Dougherty
I was listening to "Speaking of Faith" on public radio one Sunday morning not long ago when I heard an interview with John O'Donohue, an Irish philosopher and poet who passed away in January 2008. I...
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Signature Service

Nov 01 2009 | By Lori Morris
Looking for a new way to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables? At NAZ KUPELIAN SALON in Lexington, MA, health-conscious clients can simply book the salon's Beauty V8 Fruit Facial, which is...
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