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You've Gotta Have Friends

Jul 01 2009 | By Marianne Dougherty
I think at one time or another, most of us have met someone new that we just hit it off with instantly. That's what it was like when I met Marie Ferro at Destination Rejuvenation, a...
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Our Town

Jul 01 2009 | By Nicole Palmieri
Columbus, Ohio, known as The Discovery City, is home to several large colleges and universities, popular retail stores and restaurants and hip salons. Nicole Palmieri found four that help clients...
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The Art of Business

Jul 01 2009 | By American Salon Staff
An entrepreneur can be described as a person who is willing to take on a venture or enterprise and accept full responsibility for the outcome. As stylists, we are in a unique industry where we have...
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Straight Talk

Jul 01 2009 | By Lori Morris
With summer in full effect, many of your clients want to ease up on their daily beauty routines, longing for smooth locks that don't require hours of styling. Lucky for them—and...
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Performance Art

Jul 01 2009 | By Lotus Abrams
Neill Corporation Creative Director Michael Baker has just launched a new tool to help hairdressers create the best possible guest experience—5x5: The Stage, a video presentation on an...
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Tech Savvy

Jul 01 2009 | By Lori Morris
MODE SALON Microsoft workers can now easily go from geek to chic with the opening of Mode Organic Salon at the company's Redmond, WA, headquarters. The first beauty...
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In Memoriam

Jul 01 2009 | By Brett Vinovich
Guy Mascolo was chairman of TIGI Worldwide and TONI&GUY USA. He was also part of a hairdressing dynasty that began with his father, Franco, and grew to include brothers Bruno, Toni and Anthony....
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Go Mobile

Jun 01 2009 | By Lori Morris
SalonTechnologies has partnered with Apple to introduce its popular Personal Salon Assistant (PSA) software as a downloadable iPhone application. Available in multiple languages, PSA for iPhone...
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Twitter Nation

Jun 01 2009 | By Brett Vinovich
If you think twittering is for the birds, think again. Twitter is the latest rage in free social networking, and it's utilized by everyone from celebs like Oprah Winfrey to CEOs and...
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Beauty Lab

Jun 01 2009 | By American Salon Staff
 A range of products that caught our eye this month  1. BOTTLED UP K. Hall Designs' 32-ounce glass bottle of Bath Salts, in tempting fragrances like Lilac and Blueberry Basil,...
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