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The Event Experience

Feb 01 2005 | By Kerry Cannon
As good a job as I feel we do keeping you informed, educated and inspired through the pages of American Salon, we are restricted in many ways. This is a hands-on, up-close, personal kind of...
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Retail Rules

Feb 01 2005 | By Michelle Horn
Edward Tricomi and Joel Warren of Warren- Tricomi confess that they love to shop. It's not surprising: After all, retail makes up 15 percent of their New York and Connecticut salon business...
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News They Can Use

Feb 01 2005 | By Mary Novitsky
It's no secret: An effective public relations campaign is one of the most effective long-term ways to boost your bottom line. It generates a greater understanding of your products and...
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Recipe For Success

Feb 01 2005 | By Robbin McClain
In today's competitive market, clients want more than great customer service—they want an experience. "It's not enough to simply think out of the box," says Noreen Young, author of...
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Success Stories: Divide and Conquor

Feb 01 2005 | By Elizabeth Rome
After 10 years of working as a hairdresser at a small salon in Wellesley, MA, Barbara Canty knew she had a great opportunity on her hands when the owner of a nearby salon, The Color Studio,...
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A Certain Style

Feb 01 2005 | By Jessie Levin
Your goal as a stylist is to make every customer who comes into your salon look her best no matter what her age. But sometimes, when working with older clients, it's easy to forget that...
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Targeting Men

Feb 01 2005 | By Elizabeth Rome
Why is it that guys will spend thousands of dollars on top-of-the-line stereo equipment, sportscars and high-tech gadgets, but wash their hair with a bar of soap? Howard Silver, president of...
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Complimentary Haircolor Classes at IBS New York

Feb 01 2005 | By Darice Gall
As part of the free educational offerings at the upcoming International Beauty Show in New York April 17-19, the Haircolor Studio at IBS will feature some of the most renowned colorists in...
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Dec 01 2004 | By American Salon Staff
1 NIOXIN Nioxin's reformulated comprehensive Recharging Complex offers hair, skin and nails a healthy, balanced diet. Energy-enhancing marine concentrates combine with anti-...
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