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Mercedes-Benz Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo


For the Fall/Winter 2014 season Carmen Marc Valvo collection the inspiration was that of Instanbul, warrior women, Game of Thrones and ninja samurais. To coincide with the look, Hairdresser Ted Gibson created an edgy tiered pony with bangs.

“Carmen was inspired by Istanbul and the whole idea of a strong woman, so I couldn’t do hair that was flat, romantic and pretty. I knew we had to do something really spectacular," Gibson said. "Immediately I thought about ponytails, but had to do something fun and strong with it. We got leather pieces to wrap around the ponytail and did a tiered look. I also wanted to take it to the next level in the front and thought a fake fringe would be appropriate. The fringe brings emphasis to the face and makes the look tougher. I think faux bangs are so cool for any woman because she can get the look of a fringe without having to make the full commitment with cutting her hair.“


Here, Gibson shares hot to get the look:

1. Flat iron hair

2.  Add L’Oreal Professionnel’s Architexture and brush back to smooth out hairline

3.  Create a centered ponytail with a bungee

4.  Add extension hair to ponytail

5.  Wrap and tie leather around bungee

6.  Use black elastics to make a tiered ponytail

7.  Add chunky clip on bangs

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