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Mercedes-Benz Spring 2013 Fashion Week: The Blonds

When The Blonds are involved surely the look is going to be beyond wild, full of glam, super blonde and unexpected. This was defintely the case for their Spring 2013 collection simply titled Psycho Beach Party.

The beauty team on board— Antonio Corral Calero for Moroccanoil; Kabuki from MAC Cosmetics; and Jan Arnold and Kristina Estabrooks from CND— definitely kept the theme going.

Corral Calero worked magic with blonde wigs of synthetic hair pulled through a vinyl head cap; he ensured serious height and shine by using Morrocanoil's Luminous Hairspray. "The hair was an omage the 1990's supermodel and Madonna from her book Sex," Corral Calero said. The wigs were backcombed and teased and some wigs even included a hidden element of bubblewrap for more added height.

Kabuki kept the makeup beautiful and the opposite of a dominatrix. "We are going for a Barbarella look, as well as a look from Vogue Italia," Kabuki said. "It's the look of the models of the 90's like Linda and Cindy."

Kabuki sculpted the faces with nude palletes and did a soft, but dramatic eye with a flick of black liner to make them doe-like, as he said.

The nails from CND were beyond crazy fun with such features as star fish, shark fins, pearls and even real ground glass and gold specs. The names for the designs included such treats as Baluga Caviar, Midnight Swim and Bathing suit. There were even nails that looked like lipsticks.

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