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HiR 6.15: Charlize shaves head, hair-metal, care for summer strands; furniture made from hair

Happy Friday!

This past week Charlize Theron shaved her head for a movie role and the Examiner remembered her beautiful locks.

Also going super short, Glee's resident hottie with curls Matthew Morrison has taken on the buzz cut himself for the summer season.

ABC affiliate in Arizona calls out summer haircare favs, including Aveda and Oribe.

Looking to be extra eco-friendly at your salon and in life? Use your salon's swept up hair to make furniture and be just like designer Ola Giertz!

Tonight, Rock of Ages opens in theaters! See the hot hair-metal hair of the 80's and read about it in the month's June issue of American Salon. In honor of the movie, Rolling Stone asks "what is the best hair metal song?"

American Salon teen correspondent Emily stopped in the office today to talk nails; while here she painted her talons purple with an overlay of OPI's Rainbow Connection from the Muppet Collection. So cute!

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