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A Makeover Story: Boom Boom Brow Bar

I recently visited Boom Boom Brow Bar in downtown NYC to hear a romantic, heartwarming story from Clarissa McAllister. In 2010, McAllister discovered a tumor on her head and after much uncertainty, it was found to be benign. But as a result of the condition, McAllister's hair—including her eyebrows—fell out. Her husband knew her confidence was low because of the hair loss and vowed to pay for her eyebrow restoration surgery. "He's awesome," McAllister said with a big smile as she told me the story. "He's my hero."  

McAllister’s husband, a marine, was deployed shortly after the brow restoration, so he has not yet seen the results. Once her brows grew in, McAllister decided to make a trip to Boom Boom Brow Bar and surprise him with a new dress and beautifully shaped brows for his return, she explained as Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom) began her wonderful work, starting with a vegetable dye and working up to a brow trim and wax.   

When the brow shaping was done, McAllister was overcome with joy and emotion, and her eyebrows looked amazing! We can’t wait to see her husband’s reaction when he gets home. 


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Corie Hengst

Corie Hengst is a New York-based associate editor at American Salon with several years of experience in print and online media. Always active in her passion, she has tackled writing projects over the years ranging from business books to greeting cards. Before joining American Salon, she was editor at a finance magazine. In her current role, she reports on a variety of topics in the professional beauty industry including salon services and hair and nail trends.