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Wella Professionals Prepares for Wella Student Competition at ABS

On March 11, Wella Professionals will host 24 finalists in this year’s Wella Student Competition at America’s Beauty Show (ABS).  With almost 500 entries, the 3rd annual competition marks a record breaking year of entries from a total of 37 cosmetology schools across the nation.

“Wella is passionate about our commitment to supporting stylists throughout every stage of their career," said Fabio Sementilli, Wella Creative & Technical Director. "This competition shines the spotlight on student stylists who create beauty and defy convention. The Wella Student Competition continues to empower beauty school students year after year by providing a platform to perfect their craft and advance in the salon industry.”

Additionally Wella will be honoring cosmetology teachers through the students. Any student who competes in the Wella Student Competition could nominate their mentor or instructor for special recognition. The 10 “Instructor of the Year” nominees will also be honored at ABS.

There will be an education panel proceeding the competition featuring Wella Global Academy Dean Stephen Moody;’s Stacey Faulk; Salon Owner Martino Carter and Team I.C.A.N. members; Brenton Lee; Kathryn Hornick; Katey-Bug Browne; Katie Woods and Krysten Bacaycay.

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