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Sam Villa Talks Trends

Oct 23 2009 | By Lori Morris
In a new video on his website, Redken Platform Artist of the Year Sam Villa talks about where he sees the direction of hair heading. Check it out! (If the above link doesn't work, visit http://...
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Hanna Compton, Week 6: Fashion Week !!

Oct 20 2009 | By Hanna Compton
My last week in Core was awesome. It was mainly a week made for reviewing before the tests we had Friday and Saturday. I was hardly there though because I went to Fashion Week on Tuesday, Wednesday,...
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Hanna Compton: Week 5, Spa Week

Oct 12 2009 | By Hanna Compton
Such a fun week! This week in core was a mix of men's haircutting and spa. Half the day would be in class learning haircutting and the other half was with the skin girls. We leanred to cut both with...
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Hanna Compton, Week 4: Cutting Week!

Oct 05 2009 | By Hanna Compton
Cutting Week was really fun! We started out the week in the classroom learning the basics of haircutting, a.k.a. The Core Cutting Objectives. They taught us all about how the principles of dimension...
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Calling All Colorists: Learn the BioLights Technique!

Oct 01 2009 | By Lori Morris
About a month ago, I blogged about my first BioLights experience with Rick Wellman at Patrick Melville Salon in NYC—and I'm still loving the results of this unique highlighting technique. Now,...
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Hanna Compton, Week 3: Texture Week!

Sep 28 2009 | By Hanna Compton
This week was all about the textures of peoples' hair and how to change them. I.E.  Perms and relaxers! We started the week learning about PH (Potential Hydrogen) and Acid and Alkaline and the...
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Hanna Compton, Week 2: Color Week

Sep 22 2009 | By Hanna Compton
Hey! Well week two was amazing! We got straight into color. The first day we spent in class learning about all the fantastic Paul Mitchell color products. I like Paul Mitchell's color products...
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Hanna Compton: Week 1!

Sep 17 2009 | By Hanna Compton
Whew, well hello everyone. First let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Hanna Compton and I am 18. Just this week I had my first experiences attending The Cao Institute of Aesthetics, A Paul...
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Introducing Hanna Compton!

Sep 17 2009 | By Lori Morris
As you'll read about in our October issue, we have a new addition to our blogging team: Hanna Compton, a new Future Professional (that's Paul Mitchell speak for "student") at The Cao Institute of...
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"Hair Rules" Goes to School

Aug 20 2009 | By Lori Morris
Hair Rules! The Ultimate Hair-Care Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly, or Wavy Hair by Hair Rules founder Anthony Dickey is now required reading for some students at The Fashion Institute of Design...
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