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NapoleonPerdis 150x150 Napoleon Perdis Keeps an Eye on Different   Cities

Napoleon Perdis' Tips for Sprucing Up Brows for Spring

Apr 21 2011 | By Guest Artist
There’s no denying that the brow has become the It beauty accessory of the moment. From brushed-up to bleached-out, the arches are getting plenty of play and have become the new focus feature. Here...
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The Rockabilly: Not Just Bringing Back a Look, But Recreating a Lifestyle

Apr 05 2011 | By Guest Artist
This special guest post is from American Crew Creative Director Craig Hanson: Image courtesy of American Crew Cool was redefined in the 1950s as the mix of rock and roll, blues and...
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Wendy Watkins Says: Adjust Your Focus!

Feb 22 2011 | By Contributor
“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.”   Brian Tracy I love having a focal point in my life. Each year I set my sights on specific...
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Napoleon Perdis on Perfecting a Bronzed & Beautiful Look for Winter

Nov 29 2010 | By Guest Artist
This time of year, the number one request I get from clients is to help them restore that luminous sun-kissed look from the warmer season before. Electing warmer shades like bronze and beige create...
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Napoleon Perdis Keeps an Eye on Different Cities

Oct 27 2010 | By Guest Artist
People always ask me if there are regional differences when it comes to women and their makeup. And it’s true that what rates highly in one state may not be the same in another. Texan women adore my...
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Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom) on the Brazilian Bonanza

Oct 05 2010 | By Guest Artist
I guess we should be thanking Sex and the City for one more thing - the Brazilian Bonanza!  If it weren’t for those girls, what would we be doing right now?  The Brazilian Wax is one of the...
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Napoleon Perdis Creates Gotham Glitz at New York Fashion Week

Sep 21 2010 | By Guest Artist
What a whirlwind! I just got back from New York Fashion Week, where I directed the makeup for six shows. The designers were a mix of next-big-things and veterans, and I loved working with each and...
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Napoleon Perdis on the Bold, the Beautiful and the Brave

Aug 31 2010 | By Guest Artist
In the beauty world, there are women who rarely deviate from their natural look. There are others who cling religiously to their neutral palette, black liner or red lipstick. And then, god love them...
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wendywatkins1 240x300 Wendy Watkins: Don’t You Love a Good Quote?

Wendy Watkins Unlocks the Keys to Success

Aug 30 2010 | By Guest Artist
Some people say that the key to success is having a clear vision and working that vision. Others would say that it is creating a thriving team, one that is aligned with your vision.  It could...
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Brow Expert Malynda Vigliotti Says: Go Bold, Baby!

Aug 16 2010 | By Guest Artist
Have you seen them yet? The big bold brows from the fall runway shows? They are GORG!  Right up my alley – I don’t believe in thin women or thin brows! A bold brow can literally transform a...
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