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The new eye, lip and brow pencil collection from Napoleon Perdis

Napoleon Perdis Helps You Sharpen Your Pencil Techniques

Jul 27 2010 | By Guest Artist
Life’s a little more fun when you read between the lines—especially if those lines are composed of zinging color. With this in mind, I’ve just launched a new pencil collection with arresting shades...
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Wendy Watkins: Don’t You Love a Good Quote?

Jul 19 2010 | By Guest Artist
There is one saying I heard quite often when I worked with Neill Corporation. It went something like, “What you inspect, you can expect.” I shared this with many salon owners. It was an easy way to...
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Napoleon Perdis Breaks Down the Resort Collection Fashion Shows

Jul 02 2010 | By Guest Artist
Fashion designers preview their resort collections during the summer months, forecasting looks that will land in stores at the end of the year. What I love about the resort shows is, unlike the...
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Napoleon Perdis Shares the Bare Truth About Nude Lips

May 27 2010 | By Guest Artist
Erykah Badu raised eyebrows recently in her striptease video, Window Seat, but what about when a client wants to go nude? I say go ahead—but, of course, I’m referring to nude lips. There is something...
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sv headshot high res 180x300 Sam Villa Gives a Glimpse at Life on the Road

Sam Villa Catches Up With Asian Hair Professionals

May 11 2010 | By Guest Artist
I was really excited to be back in Asia recently, educating there for Redken for the first time in seven years. I was in Taiwan, presenting to 400 hairdressers in a theater just outside of Taipei....
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napoleonperdis 200x300 Napoleon Perdis: Secrets of a Jersey Shore MakeUNDER

Napoleon Perdis' Tips for Slimming Down for Summer—With Makeup

May 03 2010 | By Guest Artist
If I had a Tim Tam—an Australian cookie—for every time I heard, “I want to look thinner,” I could open my own bakery. It’s a common complaint from clients, but especially as the hot season approaches...
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wendyb 150x150 Wendy Belanger Shares her Best Salon Practices

Wendy Belanger's Tips for a Greener Salon

Apr 22 2010 | By Guest Artist
To make your salon more environmentally friendly, there are small steps that you and your salon staff can take to benefit our environment. For Earth Day, April 22nd, try one or all of these ways to...
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sv headshot high res 180x300 Sam Villa Gives a Glimpse at Life on the Road

Sam Villa Says: Teach Your Clients How to Achieve Great Blowouts at Home

Apr 15 2010 | By Guest Artist
When clients would tell me that they couldn’t get their hair to look at home the way I got it to look in the salon, I would say, “It’s easier for me, because I’m standing behind you and have both my...
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John Simpson Gets Some Balance

Apr 07 2010 | By Guest Artist
Let's “flip” our canvas to a new shade for the season that has durability, even tone and multiple reflection! Sometimes all we need is a little BALANCE! The winter blond may have become too flat or...
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Napoleon Perdis Says: Make Your Client Queen for a Day ... Everyday!

Apr 01 2010 | By Guest Artist
Since the original 1933 film, women, young girls and probably quite a few hirsute men have marveled at the visual splendor that is Alice in Wonderland. More than seven decades years later the new...
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