Artistic Expression


The latest collection from Australia’s People Hairdressing team focuses on the stylists’ individual inspiration.

Drawing on the inspiration of the individual stylists who created each look, A Collective is a new collection by Sydney’s People Hairdressing team, led by founder and Creative Director Hamish Glianos. “As each model’s look was completely unique, we knew that the photography, makeup and styling needed a cohesive, timeless quality,” Glianos says. To achieve that goal, the team’s fashion stylist chose elegant black clothing complemented by iconic jewelry pieces, while the photographer kept the lighting simple. “The vibrant eye and lip tones created by our makeup artist were inspired by the models’ hair color and skin tone,” Glianos says. —Lotus Abrams

Photography: Ethan Mann; Makeup Artist: Sarah Damichi; Fashion Stylist: Sheridan Tyler

(Image Below) Billy Sawichai created this striking silhouette by prepping the hair with mousse and sectioning it into two ponytails. He then crimped some sections at random and backcombed others before creating the final shape.

(Image Below) To achieve this graphic crop, Hamish Glianos relied on disconnection through the hairline while cutting, then applied a high-lift tint. The textured finish emphasizes the look’s edgy appearance.

(Image Below) After cutting the model’s hair into a bob shape with steep graduation, Jana Pana added panels of caramel blonde color for a textured look. She then backcombed the hair from the crown using a round brush for a dramatic finish.