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on May 01, 2004
1 ARIUS-EICKERT The Phoenix Convex Scissor combines convex blades with ergonomic handles for easy cutting and maneuvering. Available in 5 or 5.75 inches, the scissors have a lifetime warranty on faulty material or workmanship. (800) 342-5378. 2 CINDERELLA HAIR Cinderella Hair's newest two-tone hair extensions
on Apr 01, 2004
1 FAROUK SYSTEMS USA The CHI Blondest Blonde Créme Lightener is chemically formulated so silk molecules attach to the hair, rebuilding it throughout the lightening process. It combines the speed of a powder lightener with the conditioning properties of natural oils, creating an ammonia-free creme that will give you
on Apr 01, 2004
Profound Beauty, a first-of-its-kind business model, launches this month with the goal of helping independent salons deal with such key industry issues as diversion, salon branding, client service, and retail incentives. Headed by beauty veterans Nikos Mouryiaris and Bob Salem, Profound Beauty (Long Island City,
on Mar 01, 2004
  1 ALES GROUP Phytocurl Defining Spray reinvigorates curls and provides long-lasting bounce and shine. Key botanical ingredients of passion flower extract, mate leaves, and sunflower extract rehydrate curly hair, create resilience and shine, and act as a natural UV protector respectively. This styling spray
on Feb 01, 2004
  1. L'OREAL CLASSIC SALON PRODUCTS Perfect Curls Defining System from Nature's Therapy tames, defines, and enhances curls and keeps them shapely, springy, and full of shine. A special blend of ingredients restores elasticity and luster while controlling split ends. (800) 345-5014. Perfect