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on Oct 01, 2003
1. OPI OPI's new Perfectly Prepared Nails fall promotion features a free Smoother Phat File with each purchase of a Tooling PusherPlus Pre-Pack, which also includes Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment. The promotion will be available during September and October. (800) 341-9999. OPI 2. L'OREAL
on Sep 01, 2003
1. OPI Pedicure by OPI introduces Crystal Soak, an earth-based product formulated specifically for whirlpool pedicure tubs. Crystal Soak cleanses, detoxifies, and softens feet while whitening nails with magnesium, mineral salts, and naturally antiseptic essential oil of clove. (800) 341-9999. Pedicure
on Aug 01, 2003
1 L'ANZA Urban Elements Styling Cream from L'anza is a versatile product that adds weight, moist texture, shine, and a medium hold. Use the cream on wet hair with a blow dryer for a structured look or with scrunching for a natural style. Use it on dry hair for texture and separation. (888) 487-3526
on Jul 01, 2003
1. TR INTERNATIONAL Moujan 2000 from T.R. International offers an easy, effective, and natural way to clear unwanted hair from anywhere on the body. Some items from the product line include the Moujan Cold and Hot Wax Kit, Press-On Pull-Off Pre-Waxed Strips for Body, Press-On Pull-Off Pre-Waxed Strips for
on Jun 01, 2003
1. JOHN PAUL MITCHELL SYSTEMS New from John Paul Mitchell Systems comes the Tea Tree Father's Day Gift Set-sure to get him going in the morning. The set includes Tea Tree Special Shampoo, new Tea Tree Grooming Pomade, and a free Tea Tree travel mug. For more information, ask your John Paul Mitchell Systems