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on Jan 01, 2004
  1. CINDERELLA HAIR Cinderella Hair has developed an electronic bond applicator that makes it easier to apply hair extensions. The heat can be adjusted to different settings for fine, medium, or coarse hair. (800) 332-9246. CINDERELLA HAIR     2. L'OREAL CLASSIC
on Dec 01, 2003
  1. WELLA Color Preserve is a technologically advanced haircare regimen that washes away buildup, not haircolor, and guards hair against everyday damage while retaining vital moisture. The product line includes Color Preserve Shampoo, Conditioner, Detangler, Deep Treatment, and Seal-and-Shine Drops. Color
on Nov 01, 2003
  1. PUREOLOGY SERIOUS COLOR CARE Anyone with color-treated hair will appreciate receiving the 5-Step Pureology Colour Care Hair Repair Gift Set, which features 2 ounces each of PurifyShampoo, HydrateShampoo, ReconstructRepair, HydrateCondition, and Colour Max. (800) 331-1502. 5-Step
on Oct 01, 2003
  1. OPI OPI's new Perfectly Prepared Nails fall promotion features a free Smoother Phat File with each purchase of a Tooling PusherPlus Pre-Pack, which also includes Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment. The promotion will be available during September and October. (800) 341-9999. OPI
on Sep 01, 2003
  1. OPI   Pedicure by OPI introduces Crystal Soak, an earth-based product formulated specifically for whirlpool pedicure tubs. Crystal Soak cleanses, detoxifies, and softens feet while whitening nails with magnesium, mineral salts, and naturally antiseptic essential oil of clove. (800) 341-9999