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on May 01, 2009
Salons and spas across the country are taking advantage of a new way to save money, thanks to Integrity Payment Systems, a Redken business partner that has monitored credit card activity for salons and spas for six years. According to Integrity, more than 90 percent of salon owners are overpaying for their credit
on May 01, 2009
1. FLOWER POWER The new Floral Collection of bath and perfume products from Fruits & Passion is available in three timeless yet contemporary scents: Jasmin, Rose and Orchid.   2. WILD AT HEART Red Flower's Moisturizing Body Lotion is made with organic flowers, biodynamic honey
on May 01, 2009
No one has managed to discover the fountain of youth just yet, but haircare and skincare companies are getting close. New products have been formulated to combat the signs of aging, from lines and wrinkles to hair that looks dry and brittle. As skin ages, for example, elastins and collagen are broken down by
on May 01, 2009
TRUE BLUE Cutler Salon's cutting-edge Web site is fashionable and easy to use. In an effort to promote a more definitive brand, Cutler Salon launched a redesigned Web site,, showcasing the classic blue stripes that the salon's branding is all about.
on Apr 01, 2009
CND custom-blended this rich shade of red for Louis Vuitton. What do you get when you mix one part CND Decadence with one part CND Nail Noir? A one-of-a-kind shade of red that was seen exclusively at Louis Vuitton's spring '09 show in Paris. This season, the sharp-dressed nail is deep-hued and