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on Jul 01, 2006
Flipping through magazines, chatting on a cell phone, taking a cat nap. Steve Perrette of Public Image LTD…The Salon in Wayne, NJ, noticed how clients entertained themselves during time-consuming services. He wanted to offer them another way to pass the time, so he bought a few flat-screen televisions and
on Jun 01, 2006
Ask a stylist to name some of the industry's brightest stars, and chances are they'll cite veterans like Serge Normant, Orlando Pita, Robert Cromeans or FrE9dE9ric Fekkai. Few would argue that these big-name talents deserve recognition, but in an overwhelmingly female industry, why aren't more women in the
on May 01, 2006
When Denver salon owners Charlie Price, Cameron Letterman and Kelly Anolin merged their salon with some business associates, the arrangement seemed like a good idea. As artistic directors of the new salon, Price and Letterman were supposedly going to have more time to devote to fashion shows and photo shoots.
on May 01, 2006
She may be basking in the glow of new motherhood, but your client's postpartum body—including her hair—is taking a beating. In addition to exhaustion and those last stubborn pounds, she may complain about her once-lustrous mane looking thin and lifeless. Chalk up her hair woes to a sudden
on Jan 01, 2006
After 19 years in the same location, Anthony Marsalese realized his Birmingham, MI, salon had seen better days: Its '80s decor had lost its luster, and the 2,200-square-foot space was struggling to accommodate his ever-growing clientele. So when space became available two doors down, Marsalese immediately signed a