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Brad Johns

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on Dec 01, 2005
This time of year is traditionally a period of reflection, gratitude and renewed spirit for the future. I've always believed our goal in life should be peace and happiness, especially in our careers, and I firmly believe that the path we follow to success—not financial, but personal—is our talent.
on Nov 01, 2005
In my 30-plus years as a colorist, I've heard all kinds of questions from clients expressing their concerns about the coloring process. Many of them find haircolor baffling: Will it damage my hair? Once I start coloring, will I have to do it forever? How do I take care of it? The last time I got my hair colored,
on Oct 01, 2005
As a haircolorist, I love what I do. I'm as excited today about my art as I was when I first started out in the business almost 30 years ago. One reason is because I was fortunate enough to learn from the very best: people who inspired me artistically, technically and spiritually. This is the very essence of what
on Sep 01, 2005
Over the years, I've answered a number of questions from salon owners and stylists, both through this column in American Salon and at educational events. Aside from specific technical questions, certain topics always come up—career advancement, educational opportunities and financial matters in the salon,
on Jul 01, 2005
This spring, I was asked to do extreme color makeovers on The View, which I consider one of the top TV shows for beauty. I colored three models, giving them dramatic but soft looks. I transformed the brunette model into a striking redhead, gave the blonde model gorgeous brunette tresses and turned the redhead