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on Sep 03, 2014
  As if top talent and three amazing days of blockbuster education aren’t reason enough to pack your bags and head to Las Vegas for the Redken Symposium, here’s one more. I’m thrilled to announce that Redken and American Salon have teamed up for the creation of an online contest—The Redken Insider Contest—that
on Mar 04, 2014
I have a confession to make. I really enjoy talking with people at industry events, parties or dinners, but public speaking has never been my forte. Put me on stage to talk to a group of people, and my heart begins pounding; I get that feeling in the pit of my stomach, and the room suddenly feels like one of the hottest,
on Jan 30, 2014
So much for New Year good tidings and cheer. All that post-holiday bliss appears to have dissipated—something that occurred to me as I watched TV reports of bargain hunters elbowing one another to stake their claim on sale items, angry drivers circling the mall parking lot for a space close to the Macy’s door and road rage
on Dec 01, 2013
December means salon appointment books brimming to capacity, last-minute holiday shopping, sending out greeting cards, decorating the storefront from top to bottom, and last but certainly not least, ringing in the season at your salon’s annual holiday party. With that in mind, I’ve sourced some dos and don’ts from
on Oct 29, 2013
Everyone knows Tippi Hedren was a leading lady in Hollywood, starring in two classic Alfred Hitchcock films, The Birds and Marnie. But leave it to CND co-founder Jan Arnold to discover that Hedren also pioneered the Vietnamese-American nail professional movement in the U.S. in the 1970s. Arnold, who’s a good friend to this