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on Mar 01, 2008
I just had the opportunity to see Future Vision 08 here in Los Angeles, and I urge you not to miss it when it comes to IBS New York in April. The audience went wild at the show I saw, and no wonder. Look who was on the bill: Sonya and Christopher Dove; Nick Arrojo; Sassoon Academy; the original "Dreamgirl,"
on Feb 01, 2008
With award season in jeopardy due to the writer's strike in Hollywood (as we went to press the Golden Globes had been cancelled), I've been thinking a lot about the movies and how hair can define a character. Case in point: Last year's No Country for Old Men starring Javier Bardem as a ruthless killer named Anton
on Jan 01, 2008
As publisher of this magazine I'm often asked, "What's new?" This year at American Salon, the answer is plenty. As you all know, we completely redesigned the magazine last year, but we're always looking for ways to improve upon the formula. Sadly, American Salon has been caught in the web of illegal immigration,
on Dec 01, 2007
As you must know by now, we have been celebrating our 130th year in publishing throughout 2007. This month Redken sponsors The Way We Were: 2000–2008, which takes a look at what sets this, the first decade of the new millennium, apart from the other 12 we've covered this year. For me, what comes to mind is
on Nov 01, 2007
In this issue, we take a look back at the ´90s in The Way We Were, sponsored by Hair U Wear. American Crew turned the industry on its head back then by introducing a line of products specifically for men. Since then, Aveda, Goldwell, Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Redken, Joe Grooming, Woody's Quality Hair Grooming