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on Oct 20, 2014
A global leader in profession nail, hand and foot beauty, Creative Nail Design Inc. (CND) has teamed up with Loxa Beauty, an e-commerce solution for salons and stylists, in a new retail partnership expected to elevate the consumer experience. Loxa Beauty and its partner brands aim to bridge the gap between salons and
on Oct 16, 2014
Nails were high fashion and television-ready on a commercial set with actress Minnie Driver this past Sunday. The collaboration between Elaine Watson, vice president of marketing and sales, and global education director for Cuccio International, and wardrobe stylist Alexandra Mandelkorn was essential to create the
on Oct 03, 2014
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on Oct 01, 2014
Moroccanoil, a leader in oil-infused beauty products, has released the fourth video in its "Inspired by Women" campaign series this month, which features Kavita Shukla, the founder and CEO of Fenugreen and inventor of FreshPaper.  "Inspired by Women" is the brand's first multimedia advertising campaign with the
on Sep 29, 2014
American Crew, a leader in U.S. professional men's grooming, is looking for the best men's hairstylist on the planet. Now accepting submissions for the 2014-2015 All-Star Challenge, an annual global competition, American Crew is celebrating men's hairstylists from around the world and challenging them to create modern,