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on May 17, 2010
Bioelements has released All Things Pure, an all-natural skincare line of four products that is free of science-based lab ingredients. The All Things Pure Cleanser is a soap- and sulfate-free facial wash formulated with natural clay to remove impurities. The collection also includes the All Things Pure Eye Oil, which
on May 17, 2010
J&D Beauty recently launched Diva Tweeze, a new collection of tweezers that features 12 different characters to match every woman’s unique style. Each tweezer is made with surgical grade steel tips and precisely aligned to grab the tiniest hairs. Which diva are you? Choose from the following playful personas: • Bianca
on May 06, 2010
Michella Lane of Riverside, CA, was selected as the winner of this year’s Sport Clips’ The Look national live competition in Las Vegas. She was among five finalists who competed at the company’s national conference, The Huddle, before an audience of 1,200 and a panel of judges that included Paul Mitchell’s Tommy Callahan
on May 04, 2010
In response to the recent oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, the nonprofit organization Matter of Trust is collecting hair clippings from salons to help contain the spill. The clippings will be used to make hair booms, which are tubes made of recycled nylon stuffed with hair that effectively cling to the oil and
on May 03, 2010
On May 16, 2010 CMJ Designs will hold its third annual Spring Seminar at the Hyatt in Scottsdale, AZ, for users of its Salon Iris software, a program that allows salon owners to schedule appointments online, manage inventory and much more. The seminar, which is free for current Salon Iris users, brings salon and spa