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NapoleonPerdis 150x150 Napoleon Perdis Keeps an Eye on Different   Cities
on Apr 21, 2011
There’s no denying that the brow has become the It beauty accessory of the moment. From brushed-up to bleached-out, the arches are getting plenty of play and have become the new focus feature. Here are some of tips and tricks on edgy yet fresh ways to dress up a client's brow. Glossy, Glossy: A glossy black brow is the
on Apr 05, 2011
This special guest post is from American Crew Creative Director Craig Hanson: Image courtesy of American Crew Cool was redefined in the 1950s as the mix of rock and roll, blues and country, combined together with a rebellious style and attitude.  Those who followed this trend defied authority and created
on Nov 29, 2010
This time of year, the number one request I get from clients is to help them restore that luminous sun-kissed look from the warmer season before. Electing warmer shades like bronze and beige create this effect, but you must be careful or else they’ll end up looking like Snooki when going for Gisele. Try as you might,
on Oct 27, 2010
People always ask me if there are regional differences when it comes to women and their makeup. And it’s true that what rates highly in one state may not be the same in another. Texan women adore my DeVine Goddess lipsticks in the SMP, while Californian’s prefer Electra. Similarly, my razzle-dazzle glitter eye shadows
on Oct 05, 2010
I guess we should be thanking Sex and the City for one more thing - the Brazilian Bonanza!  If it weren’t for those girls, what would we be doing right now?  The Brazilian Wax is one of the most brilliant waxes of our time— and it's sticking around (literally!).  Not to mention all the money to be made