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on Sep 21, 2010
What a whirlwind! I just got back from New York Fashion Week, where I directed the makeup for six shows. The designers were a mix of next-big-things and veterans, and I loved working with each and every one of them. I always enjoy the collaborative spirit of runway shows and creating looks that complement a designer’s
on Aug 31, 2010
In the beauty world, there are women who rarely deviate from their natural look. There are others who cling religiously to their neutral palette, black liner or red lipstick. And then, god love them, there are those wide-eyed, fashion-obsessives who are up for almost anything. Gothic lips, neon eye shades, enormous lashes—
wendywatkins1 240x300 Wendy Watkins: Don’t You Love a Good Quote?
on Aug 30, 2010
Some people say that the key to success is having a clear vision and working that vision. Others would say that it is creating a thriving team, one that is aligned with your vision.  It could also be said that success comes from luck, timing or who you know. There are many opinions on that. Obtaining success first
on Aug 16, 2010
Have you seen them yet? The big bold brows from the fall runway shows? They are GORG!  Right up my alley – I don’t believe in thin women or thin brows! A bold brow can literally transform a person’s face and be the perfect seasonal bang. To tell you the truth, most people overthink brows, and that’s where they get in
The new eye, lip and brow pencil collection from Napoleon Perdis
on Jul 27, 2010
Life’s a little more fun when you read between the lines—especially if those lines are composed of zinging color. With this in mind, I’ve just launched a new pencil collection with arresting shades for eyes, lips and brows. A stellar pencil is both the first and final touch to any look, from winged eyes to power pouts and