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Ruth Roche
on Jun 24, 2009
Ruth Roche When owning a color-focused salon, it’s important to find a manufacturer that supports our color work and the client’s investment with color protecting products. At my New York City salon, Rare, we've partnered with Pureology, and I've found many benefits to using color protecting hair care and
Sam Villa
on Jun 22, 2009
Sam Villa At a lot of salons I visit, the owner begs me for help in changing the competitive atmosphere that can turn off clients. Successful salons bring together not a group of individuals, but a team of individuals. How much do you contribute to your salon’s team? Ask yourself how well you fit the profile of
David in front of the Louvre
on Jun 16, 2009
David in front of the Louvre Ahhh, I love Paris. I have been all over Europe and all over the world, but would you believe this was my first trip to Paris? When I thought about how I wanted to spend my birthday months ago (no, not my 21st!), it struck me, “PARIS!†I did not hesitate to plan an October trip to
Jet's Color Pop technique
on Jun 15, 2009
Hello my fellow beauty connoisseurs: The color temperature is rising, and blondes are scorching for summer! Whether it’s highlighting, slicing, paneling or all over color, let’s freshen our blondes up, or better yet, reinvent them. I have to admit it, there is just something about a blonde! She has the ability to morph
on Jun 01, 2009
When it comes to the beach-baby blondes of summer, some are icy cool and some are molten-gold hot, but all had better be sexy, healthy and spun through with spectacular shimmer. That’s a tall-drink-of-water kind of order when you’ve got the shade-depleting sun, salt water and chlorine to combat—not to mention, those