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on May 15, 2009
Recently, my dear friend Katie Crawford asked me to do her hair for her upcoming nuptials. How could I resist? We have been friends forever, and she is the closest thing to my sister. Knowing Katie, no stone would be left unturned, and this weekend would be talked about for years to come. She spent months planning this
on May 11, 2009
Greetings my fellow beauty connoisseurs, What do you get when you bring thousands of fashionistas together under a huge umbrella? It’s the one and only IBS New York show. This Jet is soaring from seeing so much talent and passion—I hope I never come in for a landing! A huge round of applause for the platform artists,
Celebrity colorist Kim Vo
on May 07, 2009
From American Salon's May "Kim Vo on the Go" column: Celebrity colorist Kim Vo We’re seeing a lot more long hair these days—a common solution as the weather warms up and clients clamor for greater flexibility in the face of the season’s outdoor lifestyles. If your clients opt to grow their hair, your task
on May 07, 2009
"You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing," said Brooke Shields in a late 1970s steamy campaign that’s still remembered today. If you ask me, there’s only one thing that should come between a woman and her makeup, and that’s primer. Putting makeup on a bare face is the same as painting a wall
Wendy Watkins
on May 06, 2009
I am sitting here in my favorite coffee shop enjoying another rainy day here in Atlanta. We have had a lot of rain; good-bye pollen, hello tulips! What are you watering your garden of success with? You have planted seeds that include hiring great people, creating a beautiful space for you, your staff and your clients, and