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wendyb 150x150 Wendy Belanger Shares her Best Salon Practices
on Apr 22, 2010
To make your salon more environmentally friendly, there are small steps that you and your salon staff can take to benefit our environment. For Earth Day, April 22nd, try one or all of these ways to help preserve our earth: When providing guests with water, use purified water and glassware as opposed to disposable
sv headshot high res 180x300 Sam Villa Gives a Glimpse at Life on the Road
on Apr 15, 2010
When clients would tell me that they couldn’t get their hair to look at home the way I got it to look in the salon, I would say, “It’s easier for me, because I’m standing behind you and have both my hands. You’re working in front of a mirror, which makes everything opposite.” I suggested that after getting their hair on
on Apr 07, 2010
Let's “flip” our canvas to a new shade for the season that has durability, even tone and multiple reflection! Sometimes all we need is a little BALANCE! The winter blond may have become too flat or opaque looking, while your brunettes and reds may not be radiant with faded ends. Think two major things: pre work and
on Apr 01, 2010
Since the original 1933 film, women, young girls and probably quite a few hirsute men have marveled at the visual splendor that is Alice in Wonderland. More than seven decades years later the new version of the classic, helmed by the incomparable Tim Burton, is topping the box office charts yet again. From a beauty
on Mar 16, 2010
Clients spend a lot of good, hard earned money on our salon services, and the old phrase “My hair looks good leaving the salon but I can’t replicate it at home” is now unacceptable. Clients expect to have fantastic, wearable hair that is self-manageable everyday. There are a few key questions you need to consider when you