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on Jan 25, 2010
“I woke up this morning and my hair looks perfect! I didn't even have to touch it up with an iron or blow anything out.” —Jessica * * * * * “After a lifetime of misery, I’m thrilled! I have soft, silky hair. The BKT made me feel beautiful for the first time in my life.” —Karen * * * * * “My hair looks—and
on Jan 25, 2010
How we use time in an appointment is a crucial element to staying on schedule. I am very serious about running on time; it’s a matter of common courtesy and a way to keep your sanity in a busy day. For the new hairdresser, the perception is that you have a vast amount of time for consultation. Sometimes a lengthy
on Jan 22, 2010
The cast of The Jersey Shore Millions of Americans have fallen in love with the guilty pleasure that is MTV’s Jersey Shore, with the antics of this self-proclaimed gang of "guidos" and "guidettes." The boys spend absurd amounts of time in front of a mirror, while the girls are rarely seen without lashings of makeup
sv headshot high res 180x300 Sam Villa Gives a Glimpse at Life on the Road
on Jan 08, 2010
Naturally curly hair scares a lot of hairdressers—and you can’t blame them! Highly textured hair likes to be left alone. When it’s touched, it expands and gets frizzy. But it’s just hair, and you can learn to outsmart it! 1. Read the curl. Ask your client, “When did you last shampoo your hair?” The more recent the
on Jan 06, 2010
Some say it all started with Victoria Beckham’s debut of her pixie cut at the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Show. Now you can’t go anywhere without seeing short, piecey styles on women—from the streets of New York to the sidewalks of  the suburbs. Styling short hair can be tricky, but with some quick