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on Dec 17, 2009
In 1979, I sold my Camaro and decided to move to Paris to learn about the hair industry in Europe. There, as part of the training team at Jean Louis David, I experienced the dynamics of a successful staff and the importance of education on the floor amongst stylists. Today, it seems that most salons depend on outside
on Dec 14, 2009
During the winter months, hair needs extra loving care. You’ve heard it all before: Winter equals dry, brittle hair that lacks luster. Not only can you safeguard the overall health of your clients' hair in times of cold, you can keep winter’s bite from eating at hair color. While protection and moisture retention are
sv headshot high res 180x300 Sam Villa Gives a Glimpse at Life on the Road
on Dec 11, 2009
As I mentioned in my last blog entry, I came back from Salon International in London so inspired! I always know when it’s time to sit in the audience before returning to face the audience. British eyes are often more fashionably trained than ours are. For example, a stacked perm over color looks good to them because
on Dec 03, 2009
Creating customized color and a signature style means partnering with clients to achieve a deeper emotional connection. Did your gossiping-girl radar just go off? That’s not the kind of connection I’m talking about. The best consultation stays within professional boundaries, but also uses lifestyle and life-changing
on Nov 16, 2009
In a way, my trips to London to attend Salon International have made me what I am today. So it’s a big deal for me to say that next year I’ll be going to Hair Expo instead. As I did last month, I’ve been attending off and on since the very first Salon International in the 1970s, when Sassoon and other British