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on Sep 11, 2010
It's official! I graduate in four days: Tuesday, September 14th! I've finished all my boxes and tallies and taken my final tests. It's surreal. We've had a lot of graduations lately, and there are alot of people graduating next week after me too. I'm so excited! It's time to job hunt. I haven't found a salon I want to
on Aug 18, 2010
Hey everyone! I know its been a while! I'm getting close to graduating so I've been busy making sure I have everything done, all tests and worksheets are up to date and finishing off my boxes! We haven't had too many Design Team events lately, but we do have a few coming near the end of the month, annnnnd I finally got
on Jul 24, 2010
Time has been flying by this year. Lately we've been having a bunch of graduations. Its sad to see the people you've gotten to know so well all year long leave and not get to see them every day. And its just one more month until I graduate in September! The Be Nice or Else Team has been raising money to buy The Cao's
on Jun 30, 2010
First of all, if you've never heard of go check it out. ModelMayhem is a networking website for anyone in the beauty industry. There you can meet anyone and everyone interested in setting up photo shoots, events, etc.  It ranges from wardrobe stylists, to photoshop wizards, to gorgeous agency models.
on Jun 05, 2010
We've had quite a few events in the past month, design team, student council, green team, and be nice or else team. We all participated together in another Teen Night event, where we educate teens on the school and its culture, how to properly style their hair with heated tools and use products, and face mapping