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on Dec 13, 2009
December has been really fun so far! Since its the holiday season and everyone wants to look good for their christmas photos and all that we've been pretty busy. So for the whole month of december we aren't having specialty classes (color, texture, and cutting class). So we're on the floor doing hair all day except for the
on Nov 24, 2009
I got to try a lot of new things this week that I really enjoyed. I did a really nice platinum card on one of my clients that came out what I like to call the perfect "California Blonde" color that looked reallly natural and great on the client. Another client I got to do a full head foil highlight on. Her hair was a dark
on Nov 16, 2009
The Cao Institute was invited to go to the taping of the Doctor Phil show this week! So of course I went. It was really fun. A charter bus picked us up and Alee kindly brought us donuts since we had to be at achool by 7 am. They scattered us around the audience and we got to watch the taping of both shows. The first one
on Nov 12, 2009
Such an amazing week. I got to take my first clients this week! My very first client was a blonde woman who wanted her roots touched up and lowlights put in her hair. I was so envious of her hair because if you didn't know my next conquest is to go blonde, woo! She's was really nice and open to what we thought would be
on Nov 04, 2009
This was our last week being "Proteges", so starting tuesday we are finally able to take our own clients! It's crazy that after only 8 weeks we are able to serve our own paying client. Sure I'm a bit nervous, but whenever I feel that was I just assure myself that I know what I'm doing. I have the knowledge it takes to cut