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Hanna Compton

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on Oct 24, 2009
Now that we're out of core we have two weeks of assisting and learning from other future professionals on the floor until we get to take clients ourselves. How it works is in the morning we have class then after lunch we're on the floor for the rest of the day. Then on Wednesdays we have guest speakers and we stay in class
on Oct 20, 2009
My last week in Core was awesome. It was mainly a week made for reviewing before the tests we had Friday and Saturday. I was hardly there though because I went to Fashion Week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I got to study and review with my class the few hours before I went to fashion week on those days, but besides
on Oct 12, 2009
Such a fun week! This week in core was a mix of men's haircutting and spa. Half the day would be in class learning haircutting and the other half was with the skin girls. We leanred to cut both with our clippers using the clipper over comb technique, which was a bit harder for me, and also with our shears using the scissor
on Oct 05, 2009
Don't forget to follow me on twitter! I update it daily on what we do in class & such.
on Oct 05, 2009
Cutting Week was really fun! We started out the week in the classroom learning the basics of haircutting, a.k.a. The Core Cutting Objectives. They taught us all about how the principles of dimension, such as height width, depth, and elevation affected our haircut and how they worked along with your hand and body position