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Hanna Compton

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on Sep 28, 2009
This week was all about the textures of peoples' hair and how to change them. I.E.  Perms and relaxers! We started the week learning about PH (Potential Hydrogen) and Acid and Alkaline and the affects they have on the hair. We also watched a video with Ladonna Dryer, which taught us all about the bonds that are
on Sep 22, 2009
Hey! Well week two was amazing! We got straight into color. The first day we spent in class learning about all the fantastic Paul Mitchell color products. I like Paul Mitchell's color products because they try to be as damage-free and rejuvinating as possible.  There is Paul Mitchell The Color, which is basically the
on Sep 17, 2009
Whew, well hello everyone. First let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Hanna Compton and I am 18. Just this week I had my first experiences attending The Cao Institute of Aesthetics, A Paul Mitchell Partner School. The school is absolutely wonderful. It is owned and run by Alee Cao, an amazing hair stylist and