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Jolene Turner

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on May 04, 2012
Happy Friday May 4 and happy almost Cinco de Mayo! Gorgeous beauty got us going this week, with a reveal of Nicole Richie's talk about hair and stunning photos in Glamour. A headstrong 14-year-old girl takes a stand against retouched images in glossy magazines. Fashion maven and Vogue Japan’s fashion director at
on Apr 27, 2012
What did you guys do this week?! American Salon was busy working on our exciting June issue while also catching the main stage shows and classes of IBS New York, but of course we still had time to keep up on a little hair gossip! Looks like Maria Menounos super hot crimping style has brought the 80's trend back into
on Apr 20, 2012
It's the Hair in Review (HiR) for 4.20! A weekly recap of the past week in hair. It looks like this week was all about celebs making some serious hair changes, most notably, always sporting strict blonde hair, Gwyneth Paltrow embraced the ombre trend. Rooney Mara went from the girl with the dragon tattoo to
on Apr 20, 2012
I did it! I took the plunge back into the land of the bob and had eight inches lopped off my hair. The cut turned out gorgeous thanks to Dean Holcombe, creative director for Cutler. I was a tad nervous, but within minutes of meeting Holcombe, I knew I was in good hands. I arrived prepared with a print out of my Dream
on Apr 13, 2012
In a new series for our blog, every Friday we will update you on what happened in hair during the week. Little tid bits of pop culture to chat about at the salon on busy Fridays heading into a fulfilled weekend! To get this started, this past Monday hit with the news of Anne Hathaway's new pixie cut, though it was cut