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Jolene Turner

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on Nov 12, 2013
“Fear the Beard” fever peaked when the Boston Red Sox won the World Series in October and signaled the end of the beard growth that unified the team all season long. In celebration, and to help clean up the champs' scruff, Andis Company gifted the Red Sox with SlimLine2 trimmers. To also help keep the winning beards
on Nov 05, 2013
TIGI Hair Care recently partnered with Children With Hair Loss (CWHL), a nonprofit organization based in South Rockford, MI, that provides annual customized hair replacements and styling services, cost-free, to children with medically related hair loss. As part of this exciting partnership, during New York Fashion Week
on Nov 02, 2013
Timeless styles in radiant fashion hues comprise Neo Classic, a new futuristic-inspired collection by Christopher and Sonya Dove. Having just completed a project working on the color for the wigs featured in this month’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Lionsgate), Wella Professionals artists and iconic hairdressers
on Nov 01, 2013
The dark side of fairy tales comes to life in True Cinderella, a new collection by Liza Espinoza-Achurra of Salon Fluxx. Taking on the darker side of the well-known fairy tale Cinderella, stylist Liza Espinoza-Achurra of Salon Fluxx in Naperville, IL, created hair fit for characters that have much more on their minds