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Kelley Donahue

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on Jan 30, 2014
I got the chance to hang out with salon owners at quite a few holiday celebrations, and two topics that repeatedly came up in conversations were staffing and Millennials—an 80-million-strong group that Time magazine dubbed the “Me Me Me Generation.” Clearly businesses are spending a lot of time worrying about how to retain
on Jan 29, 2014
A new collection from Errol Douglas, member of the Order of the British Empire, pushes hair into bold new territories. Like any gifted artist thoroughly devoted to his craft, Errol Douglas is in constant pursuit of the next big thing. Witness the stunningly beautiful looks of Evo 3.0 seen exclusively on these pages—all
on Jan 15, 2014
Bradford Davison’s desire to learn fuels his creativity and passion for the industry.“It’s all about inspiring one another to reach greater heights,” says Davison, who in addition to having worked alongside some of the most talented platform artists in the industry was recently crowned winner of the 2013 American Crew U.S
on Jan 01, 2014
Karine Jackson’s latest body of work, seen exclusively on these pages, was inspired by nature’s bounty.  Photography by Jack Eames Bold colors, bold textures: That was the theme for British hairdresser Karine Jackson’s latest collection for Organic Colour Systems. “I was inspired by nature’s dynamic palette,
on Jan 01, 2014
Darren Ambrose’s London Collection puts the focus on luxe looks and ladylike volume. Photography bY Jenny Hands There’s something to be said about being spontaneous, as proven by the stunning imagery from Darren Ambrose, seen exclusively on these pages. Ambrose says his goal was to capture women in a moment of being