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Kelley Donahue

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on Apr 01, 2010
Top prize winner Lydia Mikal, right, with Sassoon Academy Creative Director Mark Hayes and Bellus Academy's Lynelle Lynch Second-place honores went to Kayla Skaggs, left, seen here with Jim Yates and Brenda Scharman of Cameo College Wella school students took the top two spots at the 2010 Sassoon Academy/
on Mar 24, 2010
Victorian Romance Jenny Shircore, a beauty talent who picked up an Oscar in 1998 for her work in Elizabeth, is at it again. This time around, Shircore landed in the Victorian era, working her magic on-set as the designer of hair and makeup for The Young Victoria. "I poured through hundreds of books and visited London'
on Mar 24, 2010
In a Flash Looking for a fast and easy way to build bigger color profits among male clients in your salon? Try Paul Mitchell Artistic Director Stephanie Kocielski's Pour on the Charm technique, which uses Flashback, the new hue from Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color, to balance color and discreetly conceal gray so
on Mar 22, 2010
In an era where the economy teeters between recession and recovery and clients are stretching out the time between salon visits, business education offerings may be just the spark plug that salons need to keep profits humming. Here are some options: Visual Merchandising & Retail Management This one-day course on visual
on Mar 22, 2010
Listen up: If you're looking to boost your mental skills as well as your income, then you'd be wise to get your hands on a copy of Kelly Cardenas Live, a three-CD set created by Kelly Cardenas, owner of two successful namesake salons in Las Vegas and Chicago. Ideal for everybody from the budding assistant to