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Kelley Donahue

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on Jun 11, 2014
Catching the Rays Sun-kissed, natural and fresh-off-the-beach are the buzzwords for this technique from Goldwell’s We Love Blonde program, which contains all the tools, including product innovation, stylist education and the patented Goldwell Color Cycle, that beauty pros need to make their salon as a go-to blonde
DJ Muldoon
on Jun 09, 2014
DJ Muldoon is definitely a man with a plan. “I want to better the industry by sharing my expertise and skills with the masses,” says Muldoon, who recently opened his own salon and education center in Southern California. A second-generation stylist who hails from the United Kingdom, Muldoon is a big believer that the more
on Jun 03, 2014
Photography by Paul scala Mark Leeson’s latest collection, Decades—seen exclusively on these pages—is nothing short of impactful. Mark Leeson is at it again. Renowned for his creative eye and beautiful works of art, the three-time British Hairdresser of the Year nominee once more delivers the wow factor with a
on May 23, 2014
TIGI U.S. Creative Director Thomas Osborn and Global Technical Creative Director Christel Lundqvist teamed up to create this pretty crop with a ’60s vibe reminiscent of Mia Farrow’s style. For a modern-day take, Lundqvist called on a rich color palette, infusing it with lighter hues. “It’s all about playing up femininity
on May 07, 2014
6 a.m. Rise and shine and time to work out! I like to start off every morning with a jog through my Beverly Hills, CA neighborhood. A good run can get me through any long day. 7:30 a.m. Once home, I stretch, shower and whip up a fruit smoothie replete with protein powder, which helps me to stay focused. 9 a.m. Shortly