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By Kim Vo
on Jul 01, 2009
  In the April issue,   I touched on thermal reconstructors. Since this issue covers smoothing and straightening, it seems only natural to give you some additional information on this amazing technology. Kim Vo Nothing—absolutely nothing—can give your clients the glossy
By Kim Vo
on Jun 01, 2009
The first appearance of silver can be a demoralizing and frustrating experience, initially sending some of your female clients running for the tweezers and a magnifying mirror. The good news is that you can be a save-the-day wizard of gray coverage by incorporating one of the following three solutions.
By Kim Vo
on May 01, 2009
We're seeing a lot more long hair these days—a common solution as the weather warms up and clients clamor for greater flexibility in the face of the season's outdoor lifestyles. If your clients opt to grow their hair, your task is to maintain the color as the hair gets longer and to make sure expectations are realistic
By Kim Vo
on Apr 01, 2009
Warm hues were first spotted on the heads of Hollywood's most style-conscious beauties. Now the warming trend has caught fire on the catwalks, where designers' gardens of cool pastels were complemented by locks that were as warm as the sun and as rich as the finest chocolates. Not surprisingly, clients are already
By Kim Vo
on Mar 01, 2009
Trends come and go as quickly in our industry as they do in the fashion world. In haircolor, we've seen the popularity of light shades and darks, fat highlights and skinny ones, colors straight from the earth and shades not even remotely found in nature. Kim Vo Not surprisingly, change is in