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By Kim Vo
on Feb 01, 2009
  When temperatures are colder, cool blonde shades sizzle.   Gorgeous shades of blonde usually bring to mind sun, sand and surf. But dipping temperatures give rise to a new and different type of blonde, and it's the hottest look in town. Kim Vo Just as we see seasonal
By Kim Vo
on Nov 01, 2008
One thing we can all admit to about the beauty business is that it's constantly evolving. When it comes to haircolor, we've seen highlights in bold stripes that range in width from fettuccine to lasagna and scores of color combinations that are obviously not the real deal. As the days grow shorter, we're moving in a
By Kim Vo
on Oct 01, 2008
One of the great and not-so-great things about living in Los Angeles is that the weather is pretty consistent. We don't experience the dramatic seasonal transitions that are common in other parts of the country. To compensate and keep from getting bored in this fashion-forward metropolis, we create those changes on our own
By Kim Vo
on Sep 01, 2008
Best described as a Project Runway for hairstylists and colorists, Shear Genius tests competitors' skills in a variety of challenges—including giving a haircut while wearing a blindfold. Kim Vo Sally Hershberger did an amazing job as judge last season, and now I've taken on the role with
By Kim Vo
on Aug 01, 2008
As the last weeks of summer are winding down, laments about over-stressed hair caused by too much sun, chlorine and salt water are likely winding up. Whatever the reason, August usually marks the time when clients turn to you for treatments that will get their hair back into healthy, shiny shape. Fortunately, this